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Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
— Steve Jobs
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You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.
— Alan Alda

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. A thing one knows or considers likely from an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

I’m curious, have you experienced having a “gut” feeling and as it turns out, you were right? That’s instinct, intuition, at work.

It’s an unconscious knowing. I am very in tune with my intuition and through my painting, I exercise it often. But I haven’t always been right, and I haven’t always listened. It’s difficult because our brains often get in the way, but so do desire and hope. Sometimes desire and hope can be so strong that we trick ourselves into believing that it’s our intuition. I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of it, and it’s been good, bad, exhilarating, freeing and ugly!

But always, I practice. And I forgive myself when I get it wrong! I created a worksheet to help you with exercising your intuition, because having better instincts can serve you well!


How to exercise your Intuition

Intuitive Painting

I just cant have a monthly theme of Intuition and not talk about Intuitive Painting! It’s my favourite class to teach, every time I teach it, I add something different. Sometimes it’s because I want to introduce a new product I have discovered or a new way of using something, or a new technique I either learned or discovered. Sometimes it’s about the dynamic of the group. Either way, I always love it! If you have been a part of the membership from the start, you have already learned some of the techniques I teach in Intuitive Painting, but I want to share with you some of the benefits behind the practice, and tell you a bit more about what it is!

I’ve been absolutely terrified my whole life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.
— Georgia O' Keefe - Artist

Intuitive Painting - is process based painting, where you are guided by what intuitively feels right, and less about what your painting piece looks like or means. The painting is all about what is coming through you, onto the canvas or paper. Intuitive Painting is a powerful healing process, through a creative practice, and to get it just right, it requires devotion.

Let it go - so many day to day things can get in the way of your creative practice, and you allow that to happen. Creative expression can become a habit, and creative courage grows with your ability to take creative risks. The purpose of my monthly subscription is to give you the tools and techniques to include quick ways to incorporate creativity several times a week. When you take the opportunity to do more with the lessons you are learning, say doing another page in your book, or trying what you learned and doing it a different way, that is YOU taking a creative risk!

Deep soul work - Intuitive Painting, if you make the commitment, can open you up to joy, acceptance of self, freedom to express and so much more!

It’s a journey to be enjoyed and savoured, not rushed.

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Intuitive Art Journal Play

Try a fun ink practice warm up, and an abstract intuitive page spread. Start, work quickly with feel and not thought. You can go back later and add details!

I always suggest watching the video first and then gathering your supplies! For this quick intuitive art journal play, you will need 3 colours of ink (I put mine in a palette dish), a small flat brush, and your black or white paint pen (or another colour if you wish!).

Password: warm up

Video length 5:15

Password: warm up

Video length 5:34

Abstract Art Journal Tutorial

In this next video, you will see a sample of an abstract art journal layout, a very quick and intuitive process, with not very much time to let too much thought and analyzing of your project to creep in. I will list the tools I use, but are not all required. If you have at least one of the tools to apply the paint, that will be enough…

  • brayer

  • palette knife

  • used credit card or gift card

  • your old book or mixed media book

  • 3 colours of paint ( I used a neutral palette)

  • gel medium or mod podge

  • something textured like a ribbon or small burlap piece, magazine cut out, wrapping paper, etc.

  • paint pen and possibly a charcoal pencil if you want to practice

Have fun with it, and let go of expectations!

abstract art.jpg

Password: intuitive abstract

Video Length 10:23


Art Journal Practice

July art journal.jpg

Do you remember the shapes from the ink practice that we did in the first month of our beta group? Well I want to show you two art journal pages using those if you still have them around! In the video I am using a cut out of hands holding a flower, and a paper towel that one of my students used to wipe up her ink spills. SO you may not have a paper towel like that around, but it will give you the idea to save your next one! In place of the inky paper towel you can use scrapbook paper, a scrap of wallpaper or gift wrap that you’ve saved.

You will need:

  • gloss gel medium

  • archival ink pad and letter blocks (optional, you can also use a marker or paint pen)

  • your inky cutouts

  • an image from a magazine you like

  • a decorative paper

  • 1-2 stencils if you have (or bubble wrap to make marks)

  • 2 pieces of watercolor paper

  • watercolor paints

  • 2-3 acrylic paint colors

  • sponge or daubers for stencil work

  • brushes

  • 2-3 solid color paper or decorated paper pieces in scrap sizes

part 1

Password: art journal

Video length 7:08

part 2

Password: art journal

Video length: 4:42

part 3