The Essence of You - Winter Retreat Januauary 24-26

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The Essence of you Poster1.png
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The Essence of You - Winter Retreat Januauary 24-26

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The Essence of You Winter Retreat January 24-26, 2020

Creating an authentic life based on your core desired feelings

Roots and Blooms, Heart Centered Retreats for the Kindred Soul. We are about combining mindfulness, creativity and Community. We believe that when women come together, magic happens, and beautiful connections are created. When a safe space is shared, where learning and healing occur, a sisterhood is formed, and lifelong friendships are made.

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Join Tannis and Wendy for a weekend of self discovery, where you will reflect on the past year, clear your mind, and allow space in the places you need, so that you may become your most authentic self.

This weekend will have deep introspective meditation and opportunities to be creative as we work in an art journal, filled with your deepest thoughts, intentions and visions.

We are excited to create a warm and magical space of connection for you!

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Included in the Retreat Package:

·        3 days/2 nights accommodation

·        All meals and snacks

·        Deep introspective meditations

·        All supplies for creative activities

·        Workbook for all workshop-based activities

·        Art journal materials

·        Mini reiki session for all attendees

·        Restorative yoga Friday night and super chill yoga classes Saturday and Sunday

·        Welcome gift bag


The Essence of You Retreat will focus on using the Danielle Laporte Desire Map teachings, and will be brought to you by Tannis, a Desire Map and Fire Starter Facilitator, in a unique and creative way of play, while still digging deep to find our Core Desired Feelings.

Your Core Desired Feelings are your way of figuring out how you want to feel in this one amazing life you must lead! Once you have your Core Desired Feelings, its all about making daily decisions and big intentions based on the way you want to feel. Making decisions based on how you want to feel, may seem big at first, but once you practice it, there really is no better way to live and follow through with all those goals and intentions you set for yourself! The process of freeing up the future, begins by looking back, because how you perceive your past, influences how your future unfolds.

So much focus on goal-setting is aimed outwardly. Tomorrow. The future. Gotta get there. And of course, a forward perspective is essential for reality-making. But the map that’ll help you get what you want the most is in your cells. It’s not a motivational formula. It’s not something you can get “wrong”. It’s in your pleasure and your dissatisfaction—where the messy human stuff collides with your big dreams.

Our desires are a manifestation code. And our here and now struggles, the micro and mega, have to be held up to the light so we can get… free & clear.

This is your time to re set. Doesn't that sound good? This is for you if you are feeling a bit foggy about what your really want, it’s for you if you want or need to pause and re-sync your ambitions. And as always, I have been witness to the magic that can happen when women gather, and this is a great time and subject to gather with like minded people.

One thing I am certain about, is that when we combine searching our soul, the “hard” work on ourselves, creativity makes it easier. Creativity allows for space in your subconscious to open up and allows for stressors to be lessened, and through the process of moving your hands, you open up to answers streaming into your mind. It just works!

As we dive into each of the teachings, we will begin and sometimes end, with a meditation led by Wendy, and if you are not familiar with Wendy, you are in for a treat! Her guided meditations take you on a beautiful journey as you connect to your true self.

We will be treated to a restorative yoga session on Friday evening, lead by the lovely and amazing Tiffany of Be Yoga. This will be a nourishing practice to clear the mind, release stress and restore energy. Both morning classes will be great for a slow, long stretch and then a bit of joyful movement to get our day started off just right. No previous yoga experience is required, as all of Tiffany’s classes will be gentle.


We will have intimate sharing circles to open and close our retreat, as well as plenty of magic that organically takes place when like minded women gather.

Your evenings will be free, and you will have the lodge area to be creative if you desire to work on your creativity, there are plenty of couches and comfy areas to reflect, write and just relax. Nightly coffee, tea and snacks are available as well, and can be taken to wherever you choose to relax. We will also have the use of the pool, at designated times throughout the retreat. There will be plenty of ways to restore and nourish your soul.

Other Retreat Details.

When: January 24-26th Check in at 10 am on Friday January 24th, Check out by 2 pm January 26th.

Where: Camp Arnes,   Cedar Lodge in Arnes, Manitoba


Double occupancy: $649.00 per person. If booked on the early booking before September 30th $599.00

Single occupancy: $699.00 per person. If booked on the early booking before September 30th $649.00

If you book a double room, but you are not travelling with a friend, you will be partnered with another participant who is also traveling alone.

Early Booking Details:

A deposit of $200 plus GST or full payment must be made by September 30th. If paying just the deposit, the balance will be due by January 1st, 2020.



Cancel up to October 1st, 2019 – fully refundable

Cancel November 1-30, 2019 - $100 penalty

Cancel December 1, 2019 and beyond - non-refundable

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