Aimee's Private Event, Find Your Guiding Word February 1st 6:30 pm

painted feathers.jpg
painted feathers.jpg

Aimee's Private Event, Find Your Guiding Word February 1st 6:30 pm


Come and join Aimee in Finding Your Guiding Word.

So many times we make New Year's resolutions which don't stick. This is often because it's based on the traits or habits that we would rather not have. Choosing a word is simple to put into practice and far easier to focus on. It taps into an inspiring vision based on a word rather than a huge list of massive goals every year. 

This one word replaces often difficult to achieve resolutions with a simple vision for lasting change. You are going to be taken through a creative process to first discover your word, and then create an art piece to anchor it in and make it easy to remember and focus on for the coming year.

This year, our word will be painted on a wooden feather, making it easy for you to display on your night table, your vanity, your desk, your meditation space, somewhere you can see it every day to be reminded of it’s power.

I have been choosing a guiding word for several years now and it has served me well. It’s a bit more than just choosing any word that you think is a good word, and I look forward to taking you through the process. I have been teaching this workshop, going in to my fourth year and it is one of my favourites!

Materials will be provided, the only thing you may want to bring is your journal or notepad.  Everything else will be provided including canvas and other materials.

February 1st 6:30-9:00

$35 plus GST

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