A Pinch of Creativity is Moving!

There is so much to share that I don't even know where to begin! I will try to keep if as brief as I can!

This year, my guiding word turned into two words! I chose listen and expand. Opposite words they would seem, one inward, one outward. One passive, one of action.

The universe works in mysterious ways, and I love it. My lease in the studio is in its last year, so I knew this was a year of decisions for me. Big changes, big decisions and big dreams. So I knew that when Listenwas my word, that I needed to do just that. I stopped reading books that I thought would give me guidance and looked inside my heart. I signed up for a new facilitators course and I took a super duper, major intense business course that helped me to see things very clearly for running a heart centered business like I always knew I wanted!

When I moved from being an artisan in markets and shows, a workshop facilitator in my home and other venues, and opened A Pinch of Creativity as a bricks and mortar store; well lets just say it was a BIG move!

Being an entrepreneur, a sole business owner, is exhausting, rewarding, frustrating and glorious sometimes all in one day! Those who do it, and run their own bricks and mortar business, know its a challenge, but you see my biggest problem was that I had two businesses! Not everyone realized that I ran the boutique all day, all the while running my workshop business at the same time. Needless to say it wore me out! And I had to choose what I love to do, I needed to remember what I wanted to feel every day while providing an inspired environment for everyone who came to my classes and workshops!

While A Pinch of Creativity is moving, the boutique is staying!

I am excited to share that I have found someone who is not only taking over my lease, she is continuing on with the beautiful artisan boutique that I worked so hard to create! She is a perfect fit and she is definitely going to do an amazing job! I have such great artisans who have supported me through my journey, and so many great customers who love and support me, our artisans and local small business. I am so grateful for all of it!

Please welcome Lyne of Little Tree Hugger Soap, who will be taking over for me as the new Pink Moon Boutique! Isn't that the best name ever! Please follow Lyne and the new boutique on Instagram here. You can also follow Little Tree Hugger Soap on Instagram here. Please note that the change over will take effect August 1st! It's a very quick transition but Lyne and I have been working hard to make sure it stays seamless and we will have no days of closure for the change over. Perfect right? We are crossing our fingers it works that way!

pink moon.jpg

I am on the search for a new space! The perfect space!

So please stay tuned for upcoming news! I have so many new workshops planned and of course will still continue with my private events and birthday parties! Please check out what's planned for July here!

Creating Goals with Soul

DM banner.jpg

When you think of the word “goals” what comes to mind? High fives or disappointment? Encouragement or anxiety? I’m leading a workshop about a NEW way to set goals that feel good to make and if you want a sneak peek, it’s yours.Sign up here to receive more information!

Follow me on my Creative Journey

While I will still keep my A Pinch of Creativity Instagram, you can also follow me here on my other Instagram where I share my art and will share my new online workshop platform when its up and running!



I want to thank everyone of you who have supported my journey thus far, and hope that you continue to join me on this wild ride! I am so excited by all the new workshops I am creating and dreaming up and I want to offer you more of the workshops you want to participate in! Have a great week!       ~~Tannis