What's the purpose of a Guiding Word?

I teach a workshop called Find Your Guiding Word, and I often get asked, "what's the point of that, finding a guiding word"?

Well, how are those New Years Resolutions going for you? Basically it's as simple as that, we make New Years resolutions that are often unrealistic, too difficult to attain, they are time stamped rather than a deep desire, and we fail.

I did not create the notion of a guiding word, I happened upon OneWord365 about 5 years ago and I really loved the idea. Choosing a guiding word actually worked for me! There was the year I chose Clarity. I had not been working outside of my house for a few years, after having quit my career to teach my daughter. She was going into High School, and a program that would hopefully  allow me to lighten up on my work with her. That meant it was time for me to get back in to the swing of things so to speak. I searched, I wrote in my journal, I went inward, finally thinking about how I wanted to feel, I knew I needed Clarity. And so that is the word I chose, it was also the year I turned A Pinch of Creativity into a bricks and mortar business.

 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Then there was the year I chose Unapologetic, that year requires a blog post of it's own dedication!

Last year I chose Abundance

Wow, did abundance show up for me in my life in so many ways. Both of my businesses saw growth, which makes me so proud. I finally took that trip to Greece and Italy with my family, AND I attended an Art Retreat. I developed and strengthened friendships that allow me to serve and be loved and appreciated and to reciprocate those feelings. I felt abundance in my connection with others, building a tribe of ladies who I adore! I have felt emotional abundance, the abundance of being present. I have created in abundance too, maybe my most prolific year yet!

And yet I wonder, do we really choose a word or does it choose us? I wonder because before I knew how to choose a word, I just chose a word based on what I wanted to be, and I chose wrong. That is the word that caused me to create a process. I chose Brave, and it was too big for me that year. Perhaps in creating my process for finding my guiding word and sharing it a year later is the only way Brave showed up in my life. But I learned so much from choosing the wrong word, and in the workshop is where I share it with you.

I have a Guiding Word Workshop scheduled for February 7th and I would love it if you would join me, and allow me to guide you in finding what your word for 2018 will be. You can sign up here on the web site. While you're there take a look around at the other workshops, and check back often, as I am still scheduling more February creative workshops! You can also sign up for the Creativity Newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming events and workshops!

I hope the remainder of our winter somehow goes quickly, and that perhaps you have a warm weather trip planned before the Spring! Take Care, and I hope to see you soon!


 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest