Italia, hai il mio cuore (you have my heart)


I look the same as I did last month, well ok maybe I am a bit sun kissed. Basically I look the same...but inside, I am different.

I knew it the Tuesday after I returned home from my art retreat in Ischia, Italy. I opened my eyes, lay in bed for a long while, a bit confused after my near 30 hour travel day the day before. Then I remembered I was no longer in my Ischia apartment listening to the sea making waves, I was in my own bed.

In 2003 the movie Under the Tuscan Sun came out, and after seeing it, I knew I would go to Italy, and specifically, Positano. A few years later, I started saving money wherever I could. You see I was never the girl that dreamt of the white picket fence and wedding dresses. I would dream of the images on the pages in the National Geographic, the mountains and water of the world and the big animals that I would one day see up close. So when Alena Hennessy, an artist I admire and whose studio I had visited one weekend a couple years earlier announced a Sun~Sea~Art retreat in Ischia, Italy, it was a no brainer. I made the plan to go! 

It was everything my heart desired! Between the blue topped buildings, contrasting against the white paint and crystal blue sea of Greece, to the architecture I so longed to see and touch in Italy, the cliffs, the flowers, the rolling sea. It was the best family vacation ever!

I said good bye after two weeks of our family vacation and was off to my art retreat. I am still processing all the beauty, the connections of my soul sisters, the salty sea air, the love and gratitude forever in my heart. I can tell you it was an overwhelmingly abundant, deep and meaningful week. We held space for each other, we opened our days with a circle and set intentions. We were 21 women and we quickly realized, we were one, we really are all one.

Thank you to Tazza for some of these beautiful photos! Take a look and see if you can feel some of the magic that happened!

 So on the Tuesday after arriving home, it really was no surprise that I would feel changed, seeing those around me differently, viewing my business with clarity, creativity flowing through my veins. I cannot wait to share that creativity with you all, and hopefully you will embrace it and feel a little of what I feel upon returning from Italy, I want to give that to you.

As time allows, I will be creating some new workshops, and will add them to the web site over the next few weeks, so please check back often.

Also new this summer, by the request of many parents, will be Summer Creative Camp for kids. I will have three weeks in July of offerings for three different age groups. Please take a look here for all the details. There is an early bird fee and space is very limited. I am only opening up 6-8 spaces, so book early! My mailing list is receiving the information now and in a few days it will be announced on social media.

If the July Summer Creative Camp is popular, I will do that same offering in August!! So please share!

I want to leave you with a few more photos of beautiful Greece and Italy! I hope to see you in the studio soon! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!