Urban Retreat - Yoga, Meditation, Creativity and Connection

You guys, I am so excited for this collaboration with amazing women and I hope you will be as well! Come and attend the Urban Retreat and refresh your soul, bring mindfulness to your life, and dream your big dreams with some creative visioning! It's a full day dedicated just to you, from 8:30-4:30 and the cost is only $115. Space is limited so please don't wait too long to book this!


The Ultimate Urban Retreat incorporating yoga, meditation, creativity and connection.

Retreat Offerings:

Mindful Morning Check In - A meet and great meant to create a comfortable environment for all to participate in a day full of self care and exploration.

Good Morning, Good Vibrations - Start your day saluting the sun with a fluid and fiery vinyasa flow practice. We will gently awaken the body and spirit, creating heat in a nature-inspired flow. Through organic, graceful movements and transitions, this flow will be a playful, joyful celebration of life and will awaken your creative spirit. Come with an open mind and let’s groove! Led by Mackenzie Dancho

Bring on the Coffee - A light breakfast and fresh coffee to lead you into your next workshop.

Compassion and You - Learn how you can take mindfulness off the mat and into your life while cultivating compassion for yourself and others along the way. An interactive speak easy followed with a guided meditation that will incorporate the healing vibrations of tibetan singing bowls. Led by Bonnie Schroeder

Lunch, Shop, Mingle - Enjoy a vegetarian lunch, infused water, pop up shops, local artisan goods and visits with new friends. Or spend some quiet time reflecting on your morning with a journal entry or a stroll around the block.

Vision Book Workshop - Vi·sion·ing: the development of a plan, goal, or vision for the future. We will work in a notebook, rather than on a board, and from books and magazines, we will cut out images, words, and photos to put together a series of vision pages. Your vision is your destination! With my gentle guidance, we will work towards mapping out your dreams and desires. All supplies are included, however if you have a book you would prefer to use, please bring it with you."When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" Paulo Coelho. Led by Tannis Ross


Tea and Treats - A refreshing summer tea blend and light nourishing snack.

Om Your Senses - End your day with a restorative yoga, live music and aromatherapy experience. Enjoy a healing restorative yoga sequence designed to align the spiritual and physical bodies, leading you into an aromatherapy meditation. Be treated with a blend of essential oils and cleansing palo santo. Led by Amanda Burkowsky

Aligning Afternoon Check Out - A final grounding practice that will leave you ready to step off your mat and into your week ahead.

Meet Your Teachers:

Amanda Burkowsky - Amanda is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Winnipeg Manitoba. She has completed training in yin, hatha, flow, power yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction. With a background in social work and individual human development, Amanda designs her classes from a holistic perspective so that her students can enjoy a more mindful and meaningful experience on and off the mat. She runs a small business called Shift Yoga which takes yoga and meditation outside of the studio providing unique and intimate classes where students can shift their perspective of connection and develop a greater understanding of self care. Amanda believes that yoga and meditation should be accessible to all and shared in a way that uplifts the spirit. She is a Siamese cat moma, a nature lover, avid concert goer and crystal healing newbie who believes in life long learning and exploration.

Tannis Ross - I am a creative entrepreneur and workshop facilitator. For as long as I can remember I have been a creative person in some form or another. From writing my first poem to now, I have always loved to work with my imagination, my hands, and whatever may inspire me, be it the stillness of a lake, the wonder of a mountain rage, music, or color. I have worked with mixed media, paper crafting, acrylic painting on canvas, art journaling, the re-purposing of old frames and wood. When I learn something new, I like to take my knowledge and teach and inspire others. I love to see the look on people’s faces when they have created something they never knew was possible for them to do. In 2011, after leaving my job to advocate for the learning and teaching of my daughter, I began A Pinch of Creativity where I share all of my work online, through Farmers Markets, artisan and craft sales and Trade shows. Coming soon will be A Pinch of Creativity Studio where others can come to take workshops I have created, and shop in a retail space that is home to not just my creations, but those of other local artisans as well. I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative in their own way; they just need to explore what their medium is and take chances to find it. My enjoyment comes from helping people to find their creative outlet, guide them through their own individual creative process and live a more inspired life.

Mackenzie Dancho - Mackenzie is a certified 200-hour yoga instructor through the Blissology School of Yoga with Eoin Finn, specializing in an alignment-based Vinyasa practice. She envisions yoga as a tool that can be used to improve public health, empower women and girls, build community and ultimately create a more peaceful and loving world. Though she has been practicing yoga for over six years, Mackenzie truly began to understand the mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation when overcoming a period of anxiety and illness in 2013. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to create an open, accepting and loving space in which students feel empowered to grow within their practices, both physically and emotionally. She also is interested in examining yogic philosophy, history and practice through lenses of culture, social justice, gender and globalization with the goal of cultivating a more holistic, ethical, sustainable and respectful yoga practice and culture in Canada. Mackenzie holds a BA Honours in Human Rights and History from Carleton University, and is passionate about maternal health and rights, gender and international development and Canadian federal health policy and history. She grew up moving all over Canada, but calls the Prairies home. She is a lover of travel, learning, art, and of course Beyoncé.

Bonnie Schroeder - Bonnie has spent over 30 years in the health and wellness domain. For 15 years she worked in the medical system as a clinician, researcher and in medical management which helped her cultivate a deep curiosity of the healing process including why some people heal and others don't. Following this curiosity and a deep inner calling she walked away from the life she knew to travel the globe and learn from many cultures and perspectives on healing, wellbeing, compassion and the true nature of happiness. Her first deep dive was at a silent retreat over 20 years ago in northern India where she began realizing that happiness and wellbeing are indeed an inside job. After three decades training with numerous world-class teachers in the areas of healing, stress reduction, personal and spiritual development, Bonnie continues to share her integral approach through private subtle-energy healing sessions, workshops, retreats, health and wellness consults and teaching the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program that continues to trend around the world. With a brain for science and a heart for healing, Bonnie offers a compassionate bridge between the perceived polarities of our lives; science and spirit, our inner and outer worlds, the medical and metaphysical models, our head and our heart.

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I hope you will join us for what is sure to be an amazing day!!