Spring is here, and I have been dreaming!

It's officially Spring and I am dreaming of what is to come! I cannot wait for the Exchange District Festivals!

It's been two months since I opened the doors to the studio and so many emotions have flooded me on a daily basis. I have met so many fascinating people; other business owners, artists who work out of obscure studios all over the area, people who live and work in the area, and visitors to the city. The stories I have heard about the exchange district, what businesses were in the building, or across the street, down the way, have all brought a smile to my face. I love this old building I am in so much, that sometimes, I sneak upstairs to the 4 empty floors above me, just to look in wonder and imagine what was and what could be. The elevator no longer works, and businesses have long ago closed, but the history is fascinating to me! The temperature control of the place, not so fascinating, but I am learning to live with it!

I admit, some days I am so worried about being able to pay the rent long term, run a successful gift boutique and workshop space, that I forget, that I am full swing into creating the dream workspace and career that I have wanted. I sometimes forget that I am no longer creating pretty things in the dungeon of my basement, hosting workshops in a space that isn't always well lit, sometimes stinky if the humidity is bad, and that I have a gorgeously large, well lit, created by me studio space that I get to spend every day at.

The other night at one of my workshops, a friend who always came to my dingy, dark, sometimes stinky basement to attend workshops came to my studio for the first time. I asked her, "isn't this better than coming to a workshop in my basement?" to which she replied, "but I miss those".

I didn't ask, but I think what she misses, is the connection we made, the group of us, the fun, the laughs, the consistency in which they happened. After all, women coming together on a regular basis, laughing, being creative, sharing...it's pretty damn fantastic! It's what I hope I am creating now in the studio.

I have been busy planning the next two months workshops, taking private party bookings, and dreaming of new and fun workshops I will offer in the summer. Did you know that we can book birthday parties? Private get-togethers? Corporate events? I even have a bachelorette party booked! If there is a workshop you see and like but the date doesn't work for you, gather a group of 6 or more friends and we can make it happen, just choose a date and see if it works!

Yoga started March 1st and that has been going well and growing. We have fantastic instructors who adjust the class to the level of the attendees. We have had sometimes 1 person attend, and sometimes 10. It is donation based, and on a drop in basis, so that makes it a great opportunity to try, as there is no commitment from you other than to show up and give it a chance!

This week there are two painting events scheduled. I hope to have you out for a fun 2 hour painting event! We have card making, a macramé workshop and dryer ball workshop scheduled too!

I also have some Spring Break painting opportunities, both for adults and kids, so I hope that you will look into those and possibly give something a try!

Please check out the workshops that are available this month and next here on the web site.

If you have any questions, comment here on the blog, or send me an e mail! Have a lovely first week of Spring!