Join me, choose a word and live intentionally.

Today is blowing snow, and like every February, I have already had enough of the snow and the cold. Yes I know, it's actually been a good winter, but I am not a winter girl. I am a spring, summer, and fall girl, and believe we should only have those three seasons.

I have a question for you though. How are your New Years Resolutions coming along. I mean really? No white lies needed in this space.

I stopped making New Years resolutions a while ago. I failed miserably every single year, and that left me feeling guilty, or like I had no staying power. Sometimes I didn't have a New Years resolution and yet I felt the pressure to have one, even if I didn't see a need for it. And let's face it, we are so goal minded sometimes that the added pressure just isn't worth it.

A few years ago, in a writing course, the group of ladies were discussing their word for the year, and so I enquired. Turns out it was a whole movement! OneWord365, it even has it's own hash tag! Check out the web site  here and see what it's about.

For the past few years, I have chosen a word for the year, a word that I let guide me.  I keep it inside my head, I may write a mantra as a reminder, I may post my word in a photo on my Facebook, paint it in my art journal, write about it. But I choose the word and then I let it work its magic for the year. It's not about making a New Years resolution, it's about setting an intention and looking for signs and seeing where your one word will take you! It's exciting!

I want to help you find your guiding word for the year. I have a workshop Friday February 12th, and you can find details about it here.  Join me for a few hours in the studio, as we work through a process to help pull that word out from within you. You will leave with a painted canvas with your One Word, and you will have had a great time. So go ask that friend if they would like to join you. As an added incentive, I am offering a coupon that you and your friend can use. When you book the workshop, just enter the coupon code BLOG1 and you will receive 25% off!

 image via Pinterest  

image via Pinterest

I hope to see you there. Stay warm!