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Cori Jaye Elston

My chosen subject matter surrounds Love, Power, and Spirituality. I often paint romantic scenes, expressing feelings of connection and respect. It is also common for me to paint animals which hold particularly powerful spiritual meanings, such as lions or elephants that signify special strengths. My paintings are an expression of my yearning to share love and power in this reality and often reflect my connection to the non physical world. I feel I was born an artist, and that I did not choose this life - it chose me. Painting is what I'm meant to be doing. Every day I step forward, mixing and creating, sharing my stories about love and power.

I primarily work with acrylic paint, however I also work in oil pastel and pencil crayon. I choose acrylic medium because I love to layer paint on the canvas, and the fast drying time makes for a more timely process. In addition, I paint with as much colour strength as possible, reflecting my passion to the viewer. I love to bounce colours off one another and make my subject matter pop. I would also describe myself as someone whose mind wanders, and working with acrylic paint keeps me engaged as I can constantly be working a different area of my canvas while I wait for other sections to dry. I find the colours available in acrylic paint to be vivid and exciting with metallic and florescent possibilities. The more powerful and strong I can make a piece, the more thrilling!

I've studied at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario, and I have a Graphic Design Diploma from Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Despite my technical training, I've learned the most about technique and skill from dedication and practice of my craft.

Instagram: @corijaye

Facebook: @corijayeart



Angel Anderson, From My Angle Photography

Angel Anderson, originally from Gilbert Plains, MB, lives in the heart of Winnipeg in The Exchange.  She began her career as a professional photographer while living in Northern Manitoba at Paint Lake.  There she could step onto her dock and capture the amazing beauty of the aurora borealis.  Angel’s passion is travel having photographed Italy, Greece, France, Kenya, Alaska and New York City to name a few.  She also enjoys shooting urban and rural landscapes, finding beauty in the ordinary.


Instagram: @frommyanglephotography

Danielle and Todd, TimberLore

We{Danielle+Todd}love to share our passion of wood based products with others. We both grew up in Northern Manitoba and much of our art reflects growing up in the Boreal forest and our love of nature. From our handcrafted carvings and cutting boards to our many unique jewelry pieces. Each piece is lovingly created by hand and is unique. No two pieces are exactly alike because each piece of wood is different in colour and wood grain. We are always trying out new and exciting ideas which we love sharing with others. All our products and pieces are as environmentally friendly as possible and we aim to use reclaimed wood when available and eco friendly finishes. T&D {Timber+Lo

Facebook Page:

Instagram: timber.lore

Website(hopefully making some changes to this soon so there will be ordering available online):

Jordan and Ryan, Whiskey and Wine Woodworking (arriving March 2017)

Whiskey and Wine Woodworking was started by two life long friends and their love for woodworking, the company of others and of course full drink in hand. With roots set-up right here in Manitoba, our passion for woodworking and the finer things in life have challenged Ryan and Jordan in 2016 to take their products to the people. Whiskey and Wine Woodworking prides their craftsmanship not just on the details of their work but we strive to be a environmentally responsible company and work locally with other Manitoban companies. 

facebook page is @whiskeyandwinewoodworking

Instagram page is @whiskeyandwinewood

website is

Green Light Collection, Lea Grant (Arriving end of February 2017)

The muse for the name of the Green Light Collection is from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, The Great Gatsby. The green light is a symbol of hope for the future and moving forward to pursue the most unimaginable dreams.

Each design you see is carefully handcrafted and created by one pair of hands throughout the changing of seasons in Manitoba, Canada. Created for the free spirit, the collection centers around designs inspired by nature with raw gem stones and rustic yet delicate influences. High quality materials are carefully selected to create timeless treasures.





Tania Czemerynski, Cze

Welcome to Cze by Tania!

We are a local Manitoba business, founded by Tania Czemerynski in November of 2015. We provide women and men with all natural and organic hair and beard products. We have everything you need from styling and grooming products, to masques that repair and restore the health to your hair. Best of all, our products are natural, chemical and paraben free - to maintain and nourish your hair the healthy way.

At Cze [chay] by Tania, we handcraft all of products using the best natural and organic ingredients, along with as many locally sourced raw materials as possible.  We go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality of care goes into everything we make. If it is not something we would be willing to use in our own family’s hair and beards, we wouldn’t put that in the hands of our customers.

Instagram @czebytania




Rebecca Waczko, Stellar Ladybug Designs

Hi Im Rebecca Waczko. Im a Photographer, Vintage seller and jewellery designer.  I started Stellar Ladybug Designs with my  mother and sister inlaw when my mom retired last year. We upcycle and repurpose vintage cutlery, buttons, old costume jewellery and sterling silver. We create rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keychains, bookmarks, and minimal abstract sterling and brass pieces.

 All our designs are unique and one of a kind. Unless its a custom order. Our pieces are truly handmade as we are destructing  and reconstructing using multiple methods. We cut, heat, drill, bend and solder our designs to uniqueness.Bixipix featuring Stellar Ladybug Designs


Kylie Stomp, Boomerang 360

Boomerang 360 was created in 2008 when the artist and the graphic designer decided to meet half-way.

All product is made with the environment in mind. Each design is hand screen printed on a collection of sweatshop free items using environmentally friendly water based inks.

Kylie Stomp’s designs are inspired by everyday images growing up on a grain farm in the prairies, living in urban culture and wading through countless experiences in travels abroad. From pillows to patches, to your favourite T-shirt, there’s something for everyone.

Caitlin Elkjar and Nadine Hink, Leda and Spark

Handcrafted by Winnipeg artisans Caitlin Elkjar and Nadine Hink, Leda & Spark designs fun, bohemian jewellery and accessories with themes of antiquity, whimsy and play. Using new and found materials, bright colours, clean lines and eclectic shapes, we aim to provide wearable pieces for a variety of everyday looks.

You can find Leda and Spark at


Michelle Pielech, Sly Scarves

Sly Scarves specializes in unique one-of-a-kind handmade circle scarves. Sly Scarves can be worn and styled multiple ways. Our crochet circle scarves are all made with a special stitch.  We also have two different styles of toques, knitted and recycled, as well as headbands and boot cuffs. All of our products are made by hand in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Ang Neufeld, Daisy Thirteen

Combining the simple beauty of a daisy with the luckiness of number thirteen, Daisy Thirteen aims to bring simple, nature inspired designs to your home, and a smile to your face.

Made from salvaged wood, the wooden quote/photo blocks are the perfect personalized gift for any occasion. The serving/ottoman trays were designed to be simple while making a bold statement, and the Sticks and Stones Mobiles are a labour of love, created from both upcycled and new materials.

Find us at:

Folllow us at:

Lisa Whitehouse, Whitehouse Art

These are not your traditional watercolors! Whitehouse Art combines bright colors, splashes and strokes to bring nature to life in a new and interesting way. Prints, originals and commission work available.  

Facebook: ; 

Instagram: Whitehouse_Art

Tara Garcia, Mama Pacha

Mama Pacha is a local herbal skin care company focused on providing quality, chemical and petroleum free herbal skin care products for the whole family at an affordable price. We are passionate about helping people reduce the use of chemicals on their bodies. We have a full facial care line, men's facial hair line, new mom and baby line, essential oils and perfumes. specialty items as well as all of your daily toiletries.  We focus on supporting local, purchasing our herbs and beeswax locally, making donations to women's support groups here in Winnipeg and also partnering up with other amazing makers when packaging gift sets etc.  We are constantly growing and adding to our line at the request of our customers.  We look forward to becoming a staple in your home.

Facebook -

Instagram - mamapachaherbal

Twitter - mamapachaherbal

website -

Randy Merritt. Silverbirch Designs

Randy Merritt is a Winnipeg based artist producing map inspired artwork, customized cutting boards and nature themed notebooks. 

"Inspired by his exploration of the city of Winnipeg and the vast wilderness that surrounds us."

These pieces combine simple materials like wood and mat board and the technology of laser cutting to create intricate work. 

Instagram:  Silverbirchdesigns 

Etsy: silverbirchshop


Kristina Kauss, ZSJ Silks

These beautiful SILK works by Kristina, ZSJ Silks, are unique machine washable, wearable, multi-functional works of art.
ZSJ,  a professional artist since the 90's and a silk artist since 2004, is a local artist who has found her inspiration at home and around the world. 

You can find  ZSJ Silks on Facebook at or on her web site at

Christie Froese, Little Adventure Designs

I love making things with my hands.  It's always fun to pick out new fabric and create something great for little kids. Little adventure designs started in 2016 but I have been sewing, creating and designing for the last 5 years. 


Caroline Mandarino, Orange and Prairie

Orange and Prairie offers leather wrap and cuff bracelets primarily out of upcycled leather. A jewellery option for men or women that can be dressed up or down, never go out of style, and at the same time, be unique!

I've been making jewelry for as long as I can remember...slowly evolving using different mediums and techniques and continuing out of a love to create!