A Pinch of Creativity is Moving!

There is so much to share that I don't even know where to begin! I will try to keep if as brief as I can!

This year, my guiding word turned into two words! I chose listen and expand. Opposite words they would seem, one inward, one outward. One passive, one of action.

The universe works in mysterious ways, and I love it. My lease in the studio is in its last year, so I knew this was a year of decisions for me. Big changes, big decisions and big dreams. So I knew that when Listenwas my word, that I needed to do just that. I stopped reading books that I thought would give me guidance and looked inside my heart. I signed up for a new facilitators course and I took a super duper, major intense business course that helped me to see things very clearly for running a heart centered business like I always knew I wanted!

When I moved from being an artisan in markets and shows, a workshop facilitator in my home and other venues, and opened A Pinch of Creativity as a bricks and mortar store; well lets just say it was a BIG move!

Being an entrepreneur, a sole business owner, is exhausting, rewarding, frustrating and glorious sometimes all in one day! Those who do it, and run their own bricks and mortar business, know its a challenge, but you see my biggest problem was that I had two businesses! Not everyone realized that I ran the boutique all day, all the while running my workshop business at the same time. Needless to say it wore me out! And I had to choose what I love to do, I needed to remember what I wanted to feel every day while providing an inspired environment for everyone who came to my classes and workshops!

While A Pinch of Creativity is moving, the boutique is staying!

I am excited to share that I have found someone who is not only taking over my lease, she is continuing on with the beautiful artisan boutique that I worked so hard to create! She is a perfect fit and she is definitely going to do an amazing job! I have such great artisans who have supported me through my journey, and so many great customers who love and support me, our artisans and local small business. I am so grateful for all of it!

Please welcome Lyne of Little Tree Hugger Soap, who will be taking over for me as the new Pink Moon Boutique! Isn't that the best name ever! Please follow Lyne and the new boutique on Instagram here. You can also follow Little Tree Hugger Soap on Instagram here. Please note that the change over will take effect August 1st! It's a very quick transition but Lyne and I have been working hard to make sure it stays seamless and we will have no days of closure for the change over. Perfect right? We are crossing our fingers it works that way!

pink moon.jpg

I am on the search for a new space! The perfect space!

So please stay tuned for upcoming news! I have so many new workshops planned and of course will still continue with my private events and birthday parties! Please check out what's planned for July here!

Creating Goals with Soul

DM banner.jpg

When you think of the word “goals” what comes to mind? High fives or disappointment? Encouragement or anxiety? I’m leading a workshop about a NEW way to set goals that feel good to make and if you want a sneak peek, it’s yours.Sign up here to receive more information!

Follow me on my Creative Journey

While I will still keep my A Pinch of Creativity Instagram, you can also follow me here on my other Instagram where I share my art and will share my new online workshop platform when its up and running!



I want to thank everyone of you who have supported my journey thus far, and hope that you continue to join me on this wild ride! I am so excited by all the new workshops I am creating and dreaming up and I want to offer you more of the workshops you want to participate in! Have a great week!       ~~Tannis

The Truth About Courage

What is Courage?

The dictionary meaning of courage is this: "the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, pain, danger, etc, without fear."

I disagree.

I think courage is doing something, even if it frightens you. "Do it scared", as they say. Or how about "be scared, do it anyway". I see the posts all over social media and in any entrepreneur business class I have ever taken, or started and not taken.

I do think there is something to it, the whole being scared and doing it anyway. A few years ago I saw a post on Facebook that read "What is one thing you would do today if you weren't scared?" I answered it in my head and then I thought, to hell with it, I'm going to try it. That was teaching myself to paint. I practiced courage then. A practice it is! That's where I think the misconception is, that you either are courageous or not. I think it's something we practice throughout our lives. 

I believe we are all some level of courageous, we just don't spend a whole lot of time thinking about it. or analyzing all of the things we do every damn day that take courage. Sometimes getting out of bed, getting dressed, going to work, all takes courage. I also believe that over the years we replace courage with words like responsibility, career, commitments... What do you think?

How about "Creativity takes Courage".


It's true, Creativity does take courage. For those of us who share our work with others, it takes a whole lot of courage. We are putting ourselves out there to be criticized, ridiculed, made fun of, judged, and that is really difficult.

But I am learning that it's difficult for you too. The people who want to learn, who want to take a class, the ones who watch the how to videos in the privacy of your own homes, craving to learn how to learn that cool new thing. You also need to move into your courage,  and learn to embrace it. I hear you, I know you. You may even be the one who thinks, "wow, you've got something I wish I had." Well let me tell you this, you do have it. It is courage that shows up when you say yes when your mind, your fear, your ego tells you no, or tells you you can't do it. Just like creativity is a practice, so is courage. Before I was able to share any of my work, I had stacks of canvases that were horrible, dozens I threw out and dozens I painted over, sometimes more than once. Some of my pretty paintings, actually hold an ugly, possibly puke colored painting beneath them!

I want you to know that creativity resides within you, I hope that you decide to embrace it and live up to your potential!


There's so much to share with you!

I am super proud of a new workshop that I have created, All about Layering, A 5 week Intuitive Painting Art Class. As I grow my business, I am learning what you all want, and I put this class together with you in mind. It moves at a great pace to allow you to learn and practice, discover and grow, and I want to share it with you! You will learn the basics on what you need to get started, how to use all of the supplies you need and you will have fun layering with paint and ink and stencils! You can learn all about it here on the classes page.  There is an early booking bonus that ends May 17th so be sure to book before then!

lotus painting.jpg


If you have a teenage daughter, I am offering a fabulous workshop for girls Age 11-16, I Am More. I really put my heart and soul into this one, and I hope that there is enough interest to make it a go. I created a workbook for the workshop (yikes that was a huge learning curve for me!), and new creative activities! It will be about soul searching for them, finding the answers as we practice creating, and hopefully they will find inspiration and empowerment that comes with discovering exactly who they are! You can learn all about that here, on the classes page too. The early booking for this one closes at the end of May.

I am More.jpg

Check out the NEW Party Room!

We have always hosted birthday parties, stagette  parties, ladies nights and work events, but now we have a separate pretty room for when the event calls for it!

party roon.jpg

There's always something new going on it seems like! But I do like change! If you have any questions at all about any of the workshops, or would like to book your own private creativity party, please e mail me! Just hit reply to this e mail! I hope to see you soon. I hope you enjoy the sunshine this week!


Time to think Spring Break

Just popping in with a quick reminder that we have a few Spring Break workshops scheduled and coming up! The deadline to register is March 22nd. Take a look at them here on the website! Space is always limited, as I like to keep the kids classes to under 6 participants.

I hope that there may be something listed that you can book! In order to serve you better and to ensure that I am offering a range of workshops for the ages of my followers, would you mind taking this 2 minute survey? There are only 10 questions and you can take it right here . Thank you so much for taking the time, I really appreciate it. Also if you have friends who also sign their kids up for workshops or summer camp, please feel free to forward it to them. I also have it listed on my Facebook page!

There are always new things going on at A Pinch of Creativity, so watch for some exciting news coming into your inbox soon!

Have a great day and enjoy the Spring weather we will be getting. Say NO to any more snow! :)

I hope to see you soon.



One Workshop is better than two of something else!

colour your world3.jpg

Colour Your World Series Painting Workshop March 2

This will be the second last of the Colour Your World Series Workshops. As always, I am developing new workshops, and I am eager to start a new painting class that encourages your commitment to your process and it will be a 6 week workshop in Intuitive Painting. I look forward to sharing more, once the workshop planning is complete! I hope you will join me this Saturday for one of the last workshops of it's kind.

I really would like you to experience and be a part of this class and I am offering the discount code that previous students use to get a $10 savings! To receive special pricing, use discount code CYWS-2 and get the workshop for only $40. I keep this workshop to a maximum of 6 participants, so that you get the one on one time you deserve, if needed. You can book your spot here!

Also happening in March is a Scrapbooking Crop that was originally all weekend but it has now been changed to Friday and Saturday, March 10-11th , for just $50 total. You can book your spot here, we have 3 spots left!

I hope to see you soon!


This Friday's Drop in Class!

The First Friday of every month, I offer a drop in workshop, that you RSVP for on our facebook event page and bring your friends and have a good time! The March First Friday will be a Vision Book Workshop!

Please RSVP here!


For the Kids!

Tuesday - Friday of Spring Break, we have workshops every day! 

Take a Peak here!

Wings with flowers.jpg

What's the purpose of a Guiding Word?

I teach a workshop called Find Your Guiding Word, and I often get asked, "what's the point of that, finding a guiding word"?

Well, how are those New Years Resolutions going for you? Basically it's as simple as that, we make New Years resolutions that are often unrealistic, too difficult to attain, they are time stamped rather than a deep desire, and we fail.

I did not create the notion of a guiding word, I happened upon OneWord365 about 5 years ago and I really loved the idea. Choosing a guiding word actually worked for me! There was the year I chose Clarity. I had not been working outside of my house for a few years, after having quit my career to teach my daughter. She was going into High School, and a program that would hopefully  allow me to lighten up on my work with her. That meant it was time for me to get back in to the swing of things so to speak. I searched, I wrote in my journal, I went inward, finally thinking about how I wanted to feel, I knew I needed Clarity. And so that is the word I chose, it was also the year I turned A Pinch of Creativity into a bricks and mortar business.

 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Then there was the year I chose Unapologetic, that year requires a blog post of it's own dedication!

Last year I chose Abundance

Wow, did abundance show up for me in my life in so many ways. Both of my businesses saw growth, which makes me so proud. I finally took that trip to Greece and Italy with my family, AND I attended an Art Retreat. I developed and strengthened friendships that allow me to serve and be loved and appreciated and to reciprocate those feelings. I felt abundance in my connection with others, building a tribe of ladies who I adore! I have felt emotional abundance, the abundance of being present. I have created in abundance too, maybe my most prolific year yet!

And yet I wonder, do we really choose a word or does it choose us? I wonder because before I knew how to choose a word, I just chose a word based on what I wanted to be, and I chose wrong. That is the word that caused me to create a process. I chose Brave, and it was too big for me that year. Perhaps in creating my process for finding my guiding word and sharing it a year later is the only way Brave showed up in my life. But I learned so much from choosing the wrong word, and in the workshop is where I share it with you.

I have a Guiding Word Workshop scheduled for February 7th and I would love it if you would join me, and allow me to guide you in finding what your word for 2018 will be. You can sign up here on the web site. While you're there take a look around at the other workshops, and check back often, as I am still scheduling more February creative workshops! You can also sign up for the Creativity Newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming events and workshops!

I hope the remainder of our winter somehow goes quickly, and that perhaps you have a warm weather trip planned before the Spring! Take Care, and I hope to see you soon!


 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

September Workshops are scheduled

Summer is coming to an end, sadly. But it's been a great one hasn't it? I hope that you have enjoyed time outside, time at the lake, camping, whatever it is you like to do with your summertime! But I am sure it included a patio here and there!

As Fall approaches, I hope you will consider joining me in the workshop studio to practice your creativity!

Please visit the workshop page to see what we have scheduled for September

New this fall is a series of workshops called Colour Your World. It was inspired by an online challenge I participated in, where we received a surprise weekly colour palette to work with and create intuitively.

I will offer the workshop once a month. After you sign up for the first month, you will receive a discount code for a 20% savings on additional Colour Your World series workshops in that calendar year. It will be super fun! I have been asked a common question, I will address here, and NO you will not know in advance what the colour palette is we will be working with. This will keep it fresh, allowing you to paint intuitively, and create pieces of art that will surprise and wow you.

There is no experience required. This workshop is great for you if you want to explore your creative side, learn techniques in intuitive painting,  have taken my art journal or Intuitive painting workshop already.

Attending a series of these workshops will allow you to explore your own style of painting. The more you practice, the more you connect to your inner self and free yourself to take chances in your painting and really explore your abilities!


colour your world3.jpg

Also new this fall, I will be partnering with Life Coach Jessica Watson of Turn Yourself Up . Our first collaboration will Be Perfect Schmerfect, in which we will help you break free from the perfectionism that may be holding you back in your everyday life. If you think you may be interested, take a look on her website here.

creative play series.jpg

If you have not been into the boutique for a while, come down for a visit, there is sure to be something new! Also we will have new items arriving in September!

Have a great rest of your summer. If you have any questions at all, please send me an e mail!

Last Call for Kids Summer Creative Camp

School is finished, July will be here in a few days, summer holidays for the kids! Yay! Right? 

If you are looking for something creative for the kids to do this July, now is the last chance for booking them into Creative Camp. The age 12-15 group is nearly booked, 2 spots remain open.

I have spots available for the ages 6-8 and 9-11. I am keeping these groups small, so as to be able to give one on one direction where needed. All details and bookings can be found on the workshop page.

My goal is to introduce the kids to painting projects, while guiding them and encouraging them, giving them confidence in their ability, no matter what level they are at.

If you miss out on the booking, I will also have some day workshops in the month of August. 

Please feel free to reply to this e mail if you have any questions!

Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful July!


Italia, hai il mio cuore (you have my heart)


I look the same as I did last month, well ok maybe I am a bit sun kissed. Basically I look the same...but inside, I am different.

I knew it the Tuesday after I returned home from my art retreat in Ischia, Italy. I opened my eyes, lay in bed for a long while, a bit confused after my near 30 hour travel day the day before. Then I remembered I was no longer in my Ischia apartment listening to the sea making waves, I was in my own bed.

In 2003 the movie Under the Tuscan Sun came out, and after seeing it, I knew I would go to Italy, and specifically, Positano. A few years later, I started saving money wherever I could. You see I was never the girl that dreamt of the white picket fence and wedding dresses. I would dream of the images on the pages in the National Geographic, the mountains and water of the world and the big animals that I would one day see up close. So when Alena Hennessy, an artist I admire and whose studio I had visited one weekend a couple years earlier announced a Sun~Sea~Art retreat in Ischia, Italy, it was a no brainer. I made the plan to go! 

It was everything my heart desired! Between the blue topped buildings, contrasting against the white paint and crystal blue sea of Greece, to the architecture I so longed to see and touch in Italy, the cliffs, the flowers, the rolling sea. It was the best family vacation ever!

I said good bye after two weeks of our family vacation and was off to my art retreat. I am still processing all the beauty, the connections of my soul sisters, the salty sea air, the love and gratitude forever in my heart. I can tell you it was an overwhelmingly abundant, deep and meaningful week. We held space for each other, we opened our days with a circle and set intentions. We were 21 women and we quickly realized, we were one, we really are all one.

Thank you to Tazza for some of these beautiful photos! Take a look and see if you can feel some of the magic that happened!

 So on the Tuesday after arriving home, it really was no surprise that I would feel changed, seeing those around me differently, viewing my business with clarity, creativity flowing through my veins. I cannot wait to share that creativity with you all, and hopefully you will embrace it and feel a little of what I feel upon returning from Italy, I want to give that to you.

As time allows, I will be creating some new workshops, and will add them to the web site over the next few weeks, so please check back often.

Also new this summer, by the request of many parents, will be Summer Creative Camp for kids. I will have three weeks in July of offerings for three different age groups. Please take a look here for all the details. There is an early bird fee and space is very limited. I am only opening up 6-8 spaces, so book early! My mailing list is receiving the information now and in a few days it will be announced on social media.

If the July Summer Creative Camp is popular, I will do that same offering in August!! So please share!

I want to leave you with a few more photos of beautiful Greece and Italy! I hope to see you in the studio soon! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!

Spring, Are you there, it's me...

Oh I know, we are all just waiting and waiting for Spring. Yet I wonder why we are so surprised it's cold, I think this happens every March. NOT that knowing that makes it any better!

Well we are all ready for Spring here in the studio! We have so many new products and artisans and it is really exciting!

There really is so much new! To be updated on what is new and featured, it's best to follow us on Instagram .

Beginning in April we will have even more new product!

March and some April Workshops are on the calendar as well! We have some kids workshops scheduled for Spring Break, so book those soon to reserve your spot! Here are some of the workshops being offered...

 March 11 Intuitive Painting Workshop

March 11 Intuitive Painting Workshop

 March 15 BYOP Pre designed scrapbook page layouts   

March 15 BYOP Pre designed scrapbook page layouts


 March 19 Self Love and Appreciation day retreat

March 19 Self Love and Appreciation day retreat

 March 21 Art Journal Workshop

March 21 Art Journal Workshop

 March 30 Spring Break I Am workshop

March 30 Spring Break I Am workshop

Please check out the link here to be taken to the workshop page and see what we have scheduled. Don't forget to check back often as workshops are added all the time. You can also follow us on Facebook to get updates.

I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge all of the amazing people I have met this past year and a bit in the studio. From the customers shopping, to the workshop attendees. I have had so many great conversations and I am grateful for you all. Thank you.

I get asked a lot, "oh do you teach art classes here?" to which I reply no, I host creative workshops. I say that because so many people believe that they are not creative, and I know that is absolutely not true. The word "art" can be scary and associated with a degree of expectation.

Often we forget that we just don't make the time to be creative, or we forget what it's like to get into a flow and just play for the sake of feeling good! Here, we play, we learn, we connect and we have fun! So if this calls to you, then I hope you will book a workshop and give it a try. I am offering a discount on bookings made in the next 2 weeks for all workshops on the calendar, with a value of $25 or more in March and April. But you will have to book soon, as the discount expires March 22. Use code Spring20 to receive 20% off your March or April bookings.

Spring will be just around the corner, a good time to get out, do some shopping and get your creative on! I hope to see you soon!

Celebrating One Year

Wow, in a few days it will be one year since I held my friends and family event and opened my doors! This year flew by!

As I reflect on the past year open, I am so grateful for all of the support I have received from people who believe in me, the customers who shopped, and shopped and shopped! Because of you, we had a very successful first Christmas season! I am so grateful for every person who attended my workshops so that I could share creativity with you, maybe teach you something new, but mostly the opportunity to make pretty things and connect with one another.

I have learned so much this past year, and have had both good and bad experiences, but I am grateful for them all, because if I am not growing and learning, I am just enduring, stagnant. I have had a steady flow of artisans in the boutique, some leaving, new ones joining us and some who have been with me from the beginning. I appreciate them all. 

I have spent some time this month creating and dreaming up new workshops and day retreats and I look forward to sharing them with you as they come up! I have no shortage of wants and dreams and workshop and retreat ideas!

If you have not been to the boutique in a while, please drop in and take a look at what is new and different, as it to is always changing.

I am still scheduling February workshops, but please take a look here at what is coming up . Please check back and keep an eye on the Facebook page, as new workshops are added!

Earlier in the month we did a Find Your Guiding Word Workshop that I absolutely love! It is not about making resolutions for the new year that you will possibly fail, but choosing a word that will serve you throughout the year to help shape what you want from this one crazy life, one year at a time! The next workshop is January 27th. 


I would love for you to come and partake in an Intuitive Painting workshop. I have been told many times that you want something different, not the same old instructed painting where you all go home with the same thing. And so for those of you, this is perfect! It is so freeing, so creative, so fun! We work with many different mediums and you all work at your own pace, taking a beautiful creation of your own home! January 28th.


For a perfect Valentines Day gift, you can come and paint your own love birds on stained wood that you will then distress and paint, making it your own! February 11th.

February 3rd is the next First Friday event in the exchange district. We will be hosing Project Valentine that night and so please come and join us in making valentines for people undergoing cancer treatments on Valentine's Day. All the homemade cards we make will be given to patients at CancerCare Manitoba.

I have enjoyed my first year in my studio for so many reasons. I think meeting all the customers has been a huge highlight for me. I have a lot of regular customers who come in every week, sometimes multiple times. I love that you like to be here, looking at all the amazing talent, sometimes sitting with me, chatting with me, telling me your stories, sharing your memories of this special building from years past! Thank you for being a part of it all!

I hope to see you soon!


December 2nd Open Late for Meet the Maker Event

Hello everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed the mild weather so far! I know that all this mild weather had me a bit fooled that Christmas really was still a while away but I am here to tell you it's not! 

December 2 Meet the Maker event, Hot Chocolate Bar and Mulled Cider!

We want to help you with all your Christmas shopping needs, and this Friday December 2nd, we will be open late, until 9 pm, and have some of our talented makers on hand to help you out! Come and meet them, ask them questions and see their amazing products!

We will also have mulled cider, a hot chocolate bar, and snacks for your enjoyment. Come and make and take a craft if you like too.

Take a look at our events page here to see what all the fuss is about, and be sure to invite your friends and share on your pages! 

If you have loved ones that need to do their shopping still, you can fill out a wish list and we will keep it on file. All you have to do is send them in to shop, we will do the rest!

December Workshops

There are some December workshops posted online, you can check them out here.

We have one last card making workshop on December 3, and these are not your regular cards, these are painted!

We have a handmade bow making workshop December 6

We have a kitty cat fundraiser that you are encouraged to support for Ksen's Kittens

Our Christmas Joy painting

And lastly our book pages wreath December 13

If there is a workshop you see, but the date does not work, please inquire about a private event if you have 6 or more people to join us. All workshops have a suggested age of 10-12 and up! Don't forget we also do birthday parties, private events, works gatherings, girls night out, whatever it is you need to get your creative on!

New Food Items

Did you know we have some delicious food items in the studio boutique? Back again is candy sushi by Sweet C Bakery, we have the fabulous John Russell Honey in a variety of flavors and honey sticks! Decadence Chocolates has also joined us with a selection of delicious treats and chocolate bars, and we also now have Gourmet Inspirations with a selection of their sauces, including my personal favorite, the Salted Caramel Whiskey Sauce. All of these great items make wonderful Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, or just a treat for yourself for all the hard work you do! 

Sampling will take place on December 2nd between 5-9 so you can taste the deliciousness of it all!

In the Community

We still have our book exchange happening, it will be set up all the time, so anytime you are coming, please bring a book you have read and want to pass on, and take a book from our stack of amazing books here! If you see a book or two or three that you would like, a donation of $1 per book can be given. The money is then used at the Princess Street Goodwill to purchase more books!

Be the Reason is a non  profit organization that believes in creating positive change by supplying our city's most vulnerable and those in need with Care Packs filled with essential items. Be The Reason is collecting donations in the boutique, and you are welcome to be giving and bring what you can to donate to the cause. Urgent items needed are toothbrushes, toothpaste, bottled water, feminine hygiene products, socks, mittens, granola bars. kleenex and wet wipes.

I also want to just say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported A Pinch of Creativity, and our local artisans by purchasing our products. No matter how small, every purchase helps. Thank you to everyone who has attended a workshop with me, as I try to live my dream of bringing more creativity, peace of mind by creating a warm and inviting environment where we can put all our fears, anxieties, depression and world troubles on the table and let it all drift away as we become creative together! It really is all I want to do, bringing us together in a busy life to connect and create!

I hope to see you soon!

Connections, Fall Pumpkin Floral and First Friday in the Exchange!

There is so much going on at A Pinch of Creativity and I hope you all are as excited as I am about all the news! 

Firstly, I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Inspire Outreach Community.  Their mission to support the mental health of youth, children and their families is something I want to be a part of. I know that I can provide so much to them not only with the use of my beautiful studio space, but what I have to offer with my talents and gifts. I look forward to collaborating with an amazing group of people to better our community, create connection and bring creativity to youth, children, families!

Our first creative fundraiser together on October 22, is creating a terrarium! Theres a choice of two workshops to choose from. It's going to be so much fun! Its a great parent/child activity so please consider it! If you would like to join us, get the information here https://www.facebook.com/events/1786217811667968/?ti=icl


 Please take a look at what Inspire Community Outreach is all about here at this link.

Mental Health is something we need to de stigmatize and it it starts with one person! I believe creativity is a great way to embrace who we are as individuals, and the connection we make with each other while creating pretty things is one of the most beautiful things I have been witness to! It's amazing what we can share with each other when we feel safe and comfortable enough to talk about not only our blessings, but our struggles. It's one of the reasons I opened A Pinch of Creativity, I have seen first had how creativity heels us!  

First Friday's in the Winnipeg Exchange District is October 8th and there is so much going on! Here in the studio, we have a Fall Pumpkin Floral Workshop, 6-8 pm. It is hosted by Freshcut Downtown, you can call Melanie at 204-943-6514  to reserve your spot, there are still just a few spaces left! 

Dianne Hammerling, photographer with Beautiful Beginnings Photography will also be in the studio 7-9 pm as part of the FLASH Photographic Festival! She will have her northern lights exhibit set up for the month of October. Come Friday night to meet her!


Christmas comes the same time every year and so you are not caught without Christmas cards, I have scheduled early card making workshops. There are a few to choose from, based on styles and quantity of cards you need! Come spend a Saturday creating 21 cards, lunch is provided, or choose a 6-8 card option, you can see those here, but please book early! 

There will be more exciting news coming after the October 15th weekend too!  

I hope you all are enjoying our beautiful fall, and I hope to see you soon! 

 Photo by Diane Hammerling of Beautiful Beginnings Photography

Photo by Diane Hammerling of Beautiful Beginnings Photography

Fall brings new workshops and new artisans!

Oh September how I love thee. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer, and this summer was a nice hot one! There's something about sweater weather, rustling leaves and the in-between of warm and cool that I love. It's also that time of year for back to school, and fresh starts!

There's been changes in the studio, a switch around of the workshop space, new decorations, new artisans, and new workshops.

We had a book swap in September that will continue on. So if you are visiting the studio, bring in a book that you have read, and swap it out for a new to you book! We have a large amount of books to choose from! If by chance you don't have one to bring or you forget, we also have a donation jar that you can drop a loonie in and take a book of your choice!

I have been busy planning new workshops, we will start up with Scrapbooking in October and of course Christmas cards!

Our Urban Retreat was very well received and there will definitely be another one similar coming up again!

There are a few upcoming workshops that you may be interested in.

September 15 - Watercolour Tags $22 per person

September 29 - Distress ink tags $25 per person

Workshops require a minimum of 6 participants, so please book early! If the minimum is not met 24 hours in advance, the workshop may be cancelled.

Private events, birthday parties, ladies nights, bachelorette parties, corporate bookings, and team building events can be booked through A Pinch of Creativity and can be customized to suit your needs. Don't forget Christmas! Christmas parties can also be booked!

If you have a friend that you think may enjoy a workshop, please feel free to share this with your friends!

I hope to see you in the studio soon!

Urban Retreat - Yoga, Meditation, Creativity and Connection

You guys, I am so excited for this collaboration with amazing women and I hope you will be as well! Come and attend the Urban Retreat and refresh your soul, bring mindfulness to your life, and dream your big dreams with some creative visioning! It's a full day dedicated just to you, from 8:30-4:30 and the cost is only $115. Space is limited so please don't wait too long to book this!


The Ultimate Urban Retreat incorporating yoga, meditation, creativity and connection.

Retreat Offerings:

Mindful Morning Check In - A meet and great meant to create a comfortable environment for all to participate in a day full of self care and exploration.

Good Morning, Good Vibrations - Start your day saluting the sun with a fluid and fiery vinyasa flow practice. We will gently awaken the body and spirit, creating heat in a nature-inspired flow. Through organic, graceful movements and transitions, this flow will be a playful, joyful celebration of life and will awaken your creative spirit. Come with an open mind and let’s groove! Led by Mackenzie Dancho

Bring on the Coffee - A light breakfast and fresh coffee to lead you into your next workshop.

Compassion and You - Learn how you can take mindfulness off the mat and into your life while cultivating compassion for yourself and others along the way. An interactive speak easy followed with a guided meditation that will incorporate the healing vibrations of tibetan singing bowls. Led by Bonnie Schroeder

Lunch, Shop, Mingle - Enjoy a vegetarian lunch, infused water, pop up shops, local artisan goods and visits with new friends. Or spend some quiet time reflecting on your morning with a journal entry or a stroll around the block.

Vision Book Workshop - Vi·sion·ing: the development of a plan, goal, or vision for the future. We will work in a notebook, rather than on a board, and from books and magazines, we will cut out images, words, and photos to put together a series of vision pages. Your vision is your destination! With my gentle guidance, we will work towards mapping out your dreams and desires. All supplies are included, however if you have a book you would prefer to use, please bring it with you."When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" Paulo Coelho. Led by Tannis Ross


Tea and Treats - A refreshing summer tea blend and light nourishing snack.

Om Your Senses - End your day with a restorative yoga, live music and aromatherapy experience. Enjoy a healing restorative yoga sequence designed to align the spiritual and physical bodies, leading you into an aromatherapy meditation. Be treated with a blend of essential oils and cleansing palo santo. Led by Amanda Burkowsky

Aligning Afternoon Check Out - A final grounding practice that will leave you ready to step off your mat and into your week ahead.

Meet Your Teachers:

Amanda Burkowsky - Amanda is a yoga and meditation teacher based in Winnipeg Manitoba. She has completed training in yin, hatha, flow, power yoga and mindfulness based stress reduction. With a background in social work and individual human development, Amanda designs her classes from a holistic perspective so that her students can enjoy a more mindful and meaningful experience on and off the mat. She runs a small business called Shift Yoga which takes yoga and meditation outside of the studio providing unique and intimate classes where students can shift their perspective of connection and develop a greater understanding of self care. Amanda believes that yoga and meditation should be accessible to all and shared in a way that uplifts the spirit. She is a Siamese cat moma, a nature lover, avid concert goer and crystal healing newbie who believes in life long learning and exploration.

Tannis Ross - I am a creative entrepreneur and workshop facilitator. For as long as I can remember I have been a creative person in some form or another. From writing my first poem to now, I have always loved to work with my imagination, my hands, and whatever may inspire me, be it the stillness of a lake, the wonder of a mountain rage, music, or color. I have worked with mixed media, paper crafting, acrylic painting on canvas, art journaling, the re-purposing of old frames and wood. When I learn something new, I like to take my knowledge and teach and inspire others. I love to see the look on people’s faces when they have created something they never knew was possible for them to do. In 2011, after leaving my job to advocate for the learning and teaching of my daughter, I began A Pinch of Creativity where I share all of my work online, through Farmers Markets, artisan and craft sales and Trade shows. Coming soon will be A Pinch of Creativity Studio where others can come to take workshops I have created, and shop in a retail space that is home to not just my creations, but those of other local artisans as well. I believe that everyone has the ability to be creative in their own way; they just need to explore what their medium is and take chances to find it. My enjoyment comes from helping people to find their creative outlet, guide them through their own individual creative process and live a more inspired life.

Mackenzie Dancho - Mackenzie is a certified 200-hour yoga instructor through the Blissology School of Yoga with Eoin Finn, specializing in an alignment-based Vinyasa practice. She envisions yoga as a tool that can be used to improve public health, empower women and girls, build community and ultimately create a more peaceful and loving world. Though she has been practicing yoga for over six years, Mackenzie truly began to understand the mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation when overcoming a period of anxiety and illness in 2013. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to create an open, accepting and loving space in which students feel empowered to grow within their practices, both physically and emotionally. She also is interested in examining yogic philosophy, history and practice through lenses of culture, social justice, gender and globalization with the goal of cultivating a more holistic, ethical, sustainable and respectful yoga practice and culture in Canada. Mackenzie holds a BA Honours in Human Rights and History from Carleton University, and is passionate about maternal health and rights, gender and international development and Canadian federal health policy and history. She grew up moving all over Canada, but calls the Prairies home. She is a lover of travel, learning, art, and of course Beyoncé.

Bonnie Schroeder - Bonnie has spent over 30 years in the health and wellness domain. For 15 years she worked in the medical system as a clinician, researcher and in medical management which helped her cultivate a deep curiosity of the healing process including why some people heal and others don't. Following this curiosity and a deep inner calling she walked away from the life she knew to travel the globe and learn from many cultures and perspectives on healing, wellbeing, compassion and the true nature of happiness. Her first deep dive was at a silent retreat over 20 years ago in northern India where she began realizing that happiness and wellbeing are indeed an inside job. After three decades training with numerous world-class teachers in the areas of healing, stress reduction, personal and spiritual development, Bonnie continues to share her integral approach through private subtle-energy healing sessions, workshops, retreats, health and wellness consults and teaching the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program that continues to trend around the world. With a brain for science and a heart for healing, Bonnie offers a compassionate bridge between the perceived polarities of our lives; science and spirit, our inner and outer worlds, the medical and metaphysical models, our head and our heart.

To purchase your tickets, please follow the link here

I hope you will join us for what is sure to be an amazing day!!


My Mother's Day gift to you!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I hope that you have a lovely day, enjoy the beautiful sunshine and time with loved ones!

I wanted to extend a Mother's Day gift to you all, to treat yourselves, a mom you know, maybe a mother daughter date! If you book a workshop next week that I have scheduled during the week, buy one and get one half price!

There are two to choose from, and each has it's own code.

You can book a card making class on May 10th 7-9 pm to make 8 kids birthday cards, using coupon code Mom25, and you can book it here .

Or you can book a painting evening, creativity on canvas to paint Free Spirit, May 12 7-9 pm, using coupon code Mom30, and you can book it here.

Please share and extend this offer to anyone you think may be interested. Bookings at a minimum of 1 day in advance of the event are appreciated, as they can be cancelled if there is not a minimum of 6 participants.

Thank you, and I hope to see you in the studio soon!


You are Invited!

It's a big weekend in the Exchange District and I sure hope it's in your plans to walk around and experience all there is to offer! The weather is going to be amazing, so it's a great opportunity.

First, I wanted to invite you to our event, Mothers Come First on First Fridays in the Exchange. You can view the event on my Facebook page here. We will be offering sales, free gift with purchase to the first 20 customers of the night, refreshments, free Mother's Day card make and takes for adults and kids, and Freshcut Downtown will be popping up with $20 cut bouquets to purchase! Bring mom, come shop for mom, bring the kids or send the husbands, we can help them find the perfect gift! Here are just some of the many beautiful choices there are...

Second, I wanted to invite you to come out and enjoy a promotion that the Exchange District Biz has going on with participating retailers, A Pinch of Creativity of course being one of them! We will have extended hours Thursday May 5 - Friday May 7, as follows:

Thursday May 5 open until 8 pm

Friday May 6 open until 9 pm

Saturday May 7 open until 5 pm

Please check out the details here for prizes and promotions offered in the Shop the Exchange Promotion.

If you are not familiar with First Fridays in the Exchange, please take a look at the Facebook page here to see what it's all about. You can print off a map to see all of the participating shops and art galleries staying open late! It really is a great way to see some amazing hidden gems in the city!

I hope to see you at the studio!



Oh to Breathe the air of new places...

Spring break...oh how I wish I was flying away on a vacation. I don't necessarily feel like I need a vacation because I am tired or overworked, but I really am craving some time away in a beautiful place, to recharge and be inspired, to write in my journal, read the many magazines and books I have piled up and never seem to get to.

The truth is, I feel this more often than is likely normal. It's always been a struggle for me, the need to go.

This spring break though, is different from many before. Instead of carefree plans with my daughter, of sleeping in and breakfasts and visiting with Granny and friends, we will be together at the studio. It will be a first for us. She comes to the studio with me now most Saturdays, but it's been several Spring Breaks of freedom that will take a new form, a new kind of freedom!

There is a lot planned at the studio though, and I really hope that you will plan to be a part of it! Please note that if there is not a minimum of 6 participants booked for each workshop the day prior, it will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.

 Here is what we have for the upcoming week...

More workshops will be added, so please be sure to keep an eye out here on the web site and on the Facebook page, if you have not "liked" the Facebook page yet, please do so here http://www.facebook.com/apinchofcreativity.

If you know someone who may be interested in any of these workshops, please share the blog post with them, or the Facebook post! I appreciate the support so very much.

Whatever you happen to have planned for Spring Break, I hope it will be fun, and I hope we get some great weather and of course sunshine!!

I feel that I have to add a huge thank you here at the end of this post. I have been feeling so much gratitude to the customers I have seen in my short time open. I am so thankful that you appreciate the hard work and creativity of my wonderful artisans. They really do have some great products, and I know that they all work very hard at their craft and they appreciate every purchase you have made, no matter how small.

I feel the same to those who have come to my workshops, and those who have booked private gatherings, work get togethers,  birthday parties and other celebrations. The one thing I really want to do, is share with you all, to learn new ways of being creative and to teach others. To help you bring a little more creativity in your lives, puts a smile on my face and gives my heart some light. It really is a feeling like no other to be gathered with a group of people, doing something creative where we can just zone out, forget our anxieties, and build ourselves up. I love it, and it really is the reason I opened the studio, so I hope with your continued support of the workshops, I can keep on doing what I love for a very long time.

To say thank you, I want you to use this booking code SPRING25 for any future workshops from now until the end of May to receive 25% off your workshop

I hope to see you very soon!

Happy Spring!


Spring is here, and I have been dreaming!

It's officially Spring and I am dreaming of what is to come! I cannot wait for the Exchange District Festivals!

It's been two months since I opened the doors to the studio and so many emotions have flooded me on a daily basis. I have met so many fascinating people; other business owners, artists who work out of obscure studios all over the area, people who live and work in the area, and visitors to the city. The stories I have heard about the exchange district, what businesses were in the building, or across the street, down the way, have all brought a smile to my face. I love this old building I am in so much, that sometimes, I sneak upstairs to the 4 empty floors above me, just to look in wonder and imagine what was and what could be. The elevator no longer works, and businesses have long ago closed, but the history is fascinating to me! The temperature control of the place, not so fascinating, but I am learning to live with it!

I admit, some days I am so worried about being able to pay the rent long term, run a successful gift boutique and workshop space, that I forget, that I am full swing into creating the dream workspace and career that I have wanted. I sometimes forget that I am no longer creating pretty things in the dungeon of my basement, hosting workshops in a space that isn't always well lit, sometimes stinky if the humidity is bad, and that I have a gorgeously large, well lit, created by me studio space that I get to spend every day at.

The other night at one of my workshops, a friend who always came to my dingy, dark, sometimes stinky basement to attend workshops came to my studio for the first time. I asked her, "isn't this better than coming to a workshop in my basement?" to which she replied, "but I miss those".

I didn't ask, but I think what she misses, is the connection we made, the group of us, the fun, the laughs, the consistency in which they happened. After all, women coming together on a regular basis, laughing, being creative, sharing...it's pretty damn fantastic! It's what I hope I am creating now in the studio.

I have been busy planning the next two months workshops, taking private party bookings, and dreaming of new and fun workshops I will offer in the summer. Did you know that we can book birthday parties? Private get-togethers? Corporate events? I even have a bachelorette party booked! If there is a workshop you see and like but the date doesn't work for you, gather a group of 6 or more friends and we can make it happen, just choose a date and see if it works!

Yoga started March 1st and that has been going well and growing. We have fantastic instructors who adjust the class to the level of the attendees. We have had sometimes 1 person attend, and sometimes 10. It is donation based, and on a drop in basis, so that makes it a great opportunity to try, as there is no commitment from you other than to show up and give it a chance!

This week there are two painting events scheduled. I hope to have you out for a fun 2 hour painting event! We have card making, a macramé workshop and dryer ball workshop scheduled too!

I also have some Spring Break painting opportunities, both for adults and kids, so I hope that you will look into those and possibly give something a try!

Please check out the workshops that are available this month and next here on the web site.

If you have any questions, comment here on the blog, or send me an e mail! Have a lovely first week of Spring!


Yoga comes to the Studio begining March 1st, 2016

Donation Based yoga, really what could be better? Suggested donation is $5-$20 per class, no set fee, pay what you can. Really, pay what you can! No monthly or yearly membership fees, just drop in!

We want to make yoga affordable for everyone, while offering teachers a place to enhance their knowledge and do what they love to do, teach yoga!

Classes will be held Monday to Friday from 5:30 - 6:30 pm and Saturday mornings, 8:30-9:30 am. The exception to this will be the first Friday of every month, when A Pinch of Creativity stays open late!

Donation can be made at the start of each class by cash or credit card. If you forget your mat, one can be rented for $2, please just let the instructor know.

Please "like" and keep an eye out on our page for updates here . For more detailed information, or any specific questions, please contact One 6 Yoga, you can find them here.

We hope you will give yoga a try, and please share this post, your support is appreciated! Help us get the word out!


Weekly Workshops Scheduled

The boutique has been open for a few weeks now, and I think the consensus is that customers are loving the selection and the quality of artisans. Great news, in the coming weeks, we will have a few more new artisans added to the boutique!

Weekly workshops have been scheduled, please take a look at the workshops available here . There is a card workshop, some scrap booking crops, creativity on canvas painting events, and art journaling.

If you don't see a workshop scheduled on a date that you are available, grab some friends and we can book your own private event.

Did you know we also do birthday parties? Contact me directly to enquire about available dates!

I hope to see you at a workshop soon!